Wow, it’s cheap!

Yes, it is. You came to visit Paris, not a hotel, and we’re going to provide you the most profitable stay. Go visit Louvre instead of spending tons of money on a room which you will see only for 2 hours in a day.

Why so cheap?

Less space, less money. You can save a lot on optional services (bars, halls, chimneys).

So, this is not a full service?

We’re providing you with Internet, shower, toilet and a comfortable place to sleep. These services meet all standards and are monitored daily. No candelabras and Jacuzzi, sorry.

What can I get in your hotel?

Internet, shower, toilet and a comfortable place to sleep at any time with no required time to check in or check-out. You can arrive and leave our hotel at any time. We’re currently investigating an option of a hourly rate.Do you have any ideas? Leave your suggestion at the bottom of this page or vote for an interesting offer.

What about sanitary facilities?

Everything is perfect. The hotel is so small that the most thorough cleaning takes only a few minutes per capsule. Vent system doesn’t let any unwanted smells inside as the ventilation comes from inside out.

We’re a couple, can we share one capsule?

No, you won’t feel comfortable, neither it is good for your neighbors. But we have one double room just in case.

Do you provide everything for a night stay?

We provide a set of clean linen and drawers for storage, and a basic set of soap, shampoo and towels. Other essentials can be purchased from an automatic device in the hall.

Do you have a restaurant?

No, we do not provide any food except for those available in coffee and sandwiches machines.

Can I eat\drink\smoke inside the capsule?

Food is allowed in the hall.

You can take a bottle of water in the capsule.

Smoking is prohibited in all public places.

I’m not sure this is something I need.

Then you’re probably right. We do not provide any exceptional room services or decorations. All we offer is a bare minimum for the minimal price.

Can I leave my personal belongings in my capsule for a day?

You will have a personal locker which is more secure.

How long can I stay in your hotel?

As long as you need.

I am a owl and sleep till 1 p.m. Do I still have to check out at 11 a.m. as in most hotels?

No. Sleep as long as you want, you can book a capsule till the certain hour.

Do you have only one hotel?

One so far, but we plan to open a connected chain of capsule hotels in Europe.

Yukes, it looks like a morgue!

Yes we heard that before. Well that means you have never been in a morgue. Which is good.

What if the hotel will be set on fire?

We have smoke detectors and fire alarm system, but frankly speaking the capsules are fire-proof.

I’m claustrophobic!

Nothing to be scared, the hall is visible from you capsule, but you can close the entrance curtain if you want.

What if something happens to me in your hotel?

Our staff is well-trained and first-aid equipped.

What about security issues?

The entire hotel is equipped with surveillance cameras. Lockers are closed with your personal key, and the hotel is never left unattended.

Where is the hotel located?

Small size and optimized planning allow us to open the hotel even in the very heart of Paris, among tourist attractions and sights.

What material is used in the production of your capsules?

It is the same material used in aquaparks for slides in a pool. Children ride them every day.

How can I book a stay in your hotel?

You can book a room, then correct or change your reservation online. Multiple languages are supported.

Cool, I like it, but it can be even better. Can I share my idea with you?

Sure! Please leave your suggestions at the bottom of this page, and we’ll see what we can do about it.