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Japanese Asahi Plaza  Capsule Hotel review by Brown Jem, British born Psychology graduate with a variety of interests including people and relationships, baking, anime/manga & video games, baking and personal development.

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A review of 9 hours hotel in Kyoto, known for its stark sci-fi design and innovative sleeping technology.

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A nice  review of  Japanese women-only capsule hotel by Amber Faster.

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One more nice capsule hotel review from Stephen Bugno –  The Bohemian Traveler, who has been traveling,  working and volunteering across the world  for  more than 15 years.

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A few days ago we’ve found an interesting post from a man, who has been to a Japanese capsule hotel, where he tells about his rather strange impression from visiting the hotel.

We’ve thought that just a post is good, but a post with comments is much better ;)

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