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The cheap and easyest way to sleep in Paris

Easy Sleep - the first european capsule hotel

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Here you will find information about a project of a capsule hotel in Europe, here you can ask questions, leave your suggestions and learn why this idea sounds promising for many tourists.

This site features our plans, drawings, business model, calculations and project news.

We welcome you to join our project of a comfortable, ergonomic and time-proven hotel stay solution which will help you to save on your travel costs and provide a solution for your overnight stay.

As frequent travellers, we have studied European market and came to the conclusion that this type of hotels are a must-have for any European capital.
Capsule hotels first appeared in Japan 30 years ago and their numbers successfully grow every year. For example, famous capsule hotel 9Hours: became a cult place and a place of interest.

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What do we need to travel?

That is the question we first asked to ourselves.

Do we really need all the services provided by a hotel? What do we need from a hotel – to “live” in it or to spend a night? The answer is as simple as that:

- The most difficult part in every travel planning is to find a hotel stay for a reasonable price which includes all necessary services.

- Second place went to comfort.

If we decrease the overnight price, it usually costs us the basic necessities and, often, privacy.

-Service is on the third place.

We always lack some simple things: sockets, charging devices, high-quality Internet connection, tourist information, etc. Additionally if you save on the hotel costs you risk finding yourself far from the town centre.

EASY SLEEP project provides you the basic minimum for the minimal price in a simple manner

Internet, Shower, Sleep.

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Why we both can benefit from this project?

Mobility, cultural exchange, travel!

• Do you want to visit Paris without spending 40% of your travel budget on a hotel stay (according to the French Ministry of Tourism)?

• Do you want to go sightseeing, but the most expensive souvenir you’ve bought in the city is a bed in your hotel?

We all need a cheap and comfortable solution to sleep and work when we’re out in another town.

Finally, it’s unusual and entertaining: new hotel, new experience. It is something you never saw in Europe. You have never stayed in this type of hotel. Give it a try!

Our plans:

Currently we’re opening our first capsule hotel in Paris, Later on we plan to open a hotel chain EASY SLEEP in the whole Europe and arrange transportation between them.

Cheap hotels and easy transportation is the key to the best journey!

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Stay informed

We’ll send you only interesting and significant news concerning the project.